Chancellor Institute student finance department will provide exemplary customer service by responding to all inquiries regarding financial assistance in a timely manner. Chancellor Institute is currently not a title IV school; however, we do offer various competitive tuition payment plan options and  state tuition assistance programs to those who qualify. Advisement about financial eligibility, application procedures, programs, costs, indebtedness, money management, financial planning and individualize information to the particular needs and situation of the student. Additionally, a close working relationship with Admissions, as well as all other institutional departments will be maintained within the institution.


  • Careersource Palm Beach- WIOA
  • OSFA- Florida Bright Futures
  • MyCAA
  • Vocational Rehabilitation-VR

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE (must meet eligibility criteria)

Chancellor Hope for Nurses Scholarship up to $3500

Practicing Nursing Students Need Based Scholarship $4000